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Ceramics in Transportation

Ceramics in Transportation

The automotive industry is constantly researching a variety of alternatives to fuel engines and transportation components. With high gas prices and low automobile sales, many manufacturers have turned to flex fuel engines to keep their vehicles in tune with the environment.

Automobiles are only one aspect of transportation that people use on a daily basis. We have all types of vehicles that are important to keep the world running. These vehicles need ceramics in transportation because it makes life just a little easier.

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Ceramics in Transportation through Automobiles

Since 1920 ceramics have been used in automobiles in glass windows and spark plugs. They have been used to insulate the spark plugs and the newer models of cars have ceramic parts inside the catalytic converter. These parts get better fuel mileage and reduce exhaust emissions. This is a good idea since most of us have to take our cars to be tested every year for these exhaust emissions before we can get our license tags.

The newer models of cars and trucks also have oxygen sensors that have ceramic parts and computer controls that also help with emissions and make sure that the combustion works at optimal levels.

Just about anything you can think of that is electronic or electrical inside a car has some ceramic components. You will find them in the electrical windows and seat adjustments to allow these to move easily. In some of the heavier diesel engines you will also find ceramic parts.

According to the experts, we will find that cars of the future could contain major ceramic parts in the engine because they are wear resistant and ceramic fuel cells -- this would cut down on emissions tremendously.

Ceramics in Transportation and High Profile Cars

If you are in the market for a Porsche, Ferrari, or Lamborghini you will find that they already contain a larger number of ceramic parts than the lower priced cars. One of the first places you may notice a difference is in the brakes--manufacturers are using the same types of ceramic brakes that are used on some of the higher performance race cars.

One of the things this does is reduce the weight of the car and because they are so durable and wear resistant, they are made to last the entire life of the car. Can you imagine not having to go in for a brake job every 3,000 miles or so? This may be worth the price of the car.

All brands of motorcycles are currently being tested to see whether they will benefit from ceramic brakes. As an example, a 2004 Yamaha YZF-R1 was tested to see how ceramic brake rotors would work. It was found that they were much better than regular disc brakes because they performed better as they began to heat up. This was a stunning because it also increased the amount of fuel used, performed better upon acceleration and last substantially longer. It seems that ceramic parts are a better idea all the way around any vehicle.

Ceramics and Transportation for the Life of your Windshield

Just when you thought that there were no other places where you would find ceramics, we can tell you that there is a new windshield that offers 90% of blockage of the sun. It's like giving your car or truck sunglasses! If you bought a Chrysler 300C, Dodge Magnum or Dodge Charger in 2006 or so, you may already have this handy windshield because a company called PPG actually made some to test them out exclusively for these cars.

Imagine having a car that was cool on the inside when the sun was beating to make the world outside the car a hot 90 degrees or better and the glare is reduced. Wouldn't this be a great ride? The world of transportation is still looking for ways to make cars bigger and better so we can be sure to see more changes in the future.

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