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Ceramics in Sports

Ceramics in Sports

When you are watching the Olympics this year you may be more conscious of the fact that several people who are in the competitions may have found that the use of ceramics in their equipment is making them stronger and more efficient.

Ceramics have been used in a variety of sports for many years. There may not have been a lot of hype about it because they are as natural as any other material. However, within the realm of sports many people know the advantages of using ceramic materials.

Those people in competition, whether it is the Olympics or the local soccer team know that ceramics are making their lives easier and helping them to win.

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Ceramics in Sports like Racing

NASCAR racers have seen the results of ceramics in their race cars because they use carbon ceramic rotors and brakes. The reason they use them is because they are light weight and durable and they also have resistance to fading. This means that their cars will steer better and the handling will be smoother.

When it comes to disc pads and shoes they will last longer and they are temperature resistance. It would not be a good idea for drivers to use other materials because they are always at risk when they are racing. You never know when the car may crash or tumble and you want to make sure that the materials you use can take the wear and tear.

Ceramics in Sports like Golf

Golfers are finding that their favorite putter might have a ceramic head. The reason for this is because it is lighter and softer than steal so they don't have to hit the ball so hard. They also allow the golfer to have more control in the swing. Because they are so well made and durable, if you are an average golfer who tends to get heated and throw your club sometimes, you might think twice since this putter gives you such great performance.

Ceramics in Winter Sports

Ceramics also hit the slopes and are made into many skis and snowboards. The technology for skiing equipment is so good that ceramics can create a very sharp and smooth ground. With both skis and snowboards the technology called Piezoelectric Fibers creates a board that grips better even on ice and improves performance. For skis, the edges stay sharper longer.

One company, Head Sport, has created a "smart ski" that uses these piezoelectric fibers as composites which have the ability to convert the normal vibration that most skiers get in the skis to electrical energy. In this case there is no vibration and the electrical energy keeps your skis on the snow at all times. These skis also continue to adjust to all conditions as you ski the slops giving a more stable ride.

Ceramics in Tennis

Ceramic fibers are also used in Head brand tennis rackets which they are said to increase the power on the ball when it is hit by 15%. This means that your ball will have more speed and the way the racket works it reduces tennis elbow.

Something interesting to note about sports in general is that in the 2006 season it was reported that smart pool cues made from the same fibers as the tennis rackets actually took the most money ever in a pool tournament. This lets us know that there is something to the use of ceramics.

Ceramics in Bowling

Another area that many people enjoy as a hobby is bowling. We have to say that this is also a sport where ceramics are being used. Some bowling balls are made with ceramics inside the core of the ball. This improves the ability of the ball to hit the pins.

The world of sports has many uses for ceramics and the next time you watch or play your favorite sport, think about the ceramics that are making the team win.

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