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Ceramics in Electronics

Ceramics in Electronics

It may surprise you but there is no place on earth that you can go without finding some type of devices that uses ceramics in electronics. Ceramics are a very strong component in any new electronic device. If you own an IPod, a GPS or a mobile phone you can be sure that it has ceramic components.

We are a global economy and this means that we have to be able to communicate across the world to any country where people exist. Ceramics allow us to do just that because they are so versatile and easy to make. We manufacture and consume over $2 trillion in electronics globally and without ceramics we couldn't do this well.

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Ceramics in your communication devices

Have you noticed that mobile phones have become stronger receptors? It is not because people are carrying their networks with them but rather because of ceramics. Because of research and development that is ongoing companies have been able to study the components of mobile phones and come up with several improvements.

As an example, Morgan Advanced Ceramics for Sarantel, a company that specializes in making small antenna were able to create a way for you to have a greater frequency in your calls by using a small ceramic cylinder. These are being used now in GPS units in both handheld and portable systems. This system is so slick that you can put your Bluetooth next to your GPS and still receive great reception from both.

This has become such an advance for cell phones that there is legislation in the United States that will make it mandatory for manufacturers to put GPS receivers into cell phones so that in an emergency, the individuals can be found quickly. This is particularly a good idea for situations where a natural disaster has occurred.

One of the issues that this new technology called the PowerHelix antenna, resolves is the issue of the health of people who use mobile phones. The PowerHelix automatically reduces the current that could damage the individual because of the ceramic it uses.

Ceramics included in transistors

When we mention transistors it gives many of us a nostalgic moment because it takes us back to the old transistor radios. Gone are those radios but the transistors that they used have been replaced by ceramic parts. You will find these parts in many computer components.

These transistors are the switches that are put into the processors that make your computer work. Intel is now working on a high dielectric ceramic that they will combine with metal parts that will be put in all their newer laptops and PCs. This promises to make you have to hold onto your hats because you will have faster computers than you thought possible. By working with this type of ceramic they will be able to make the transistors smaller and increase its density. This creates a computer that can handle more data and work for you more efficiently.

Ceramics included in batteries

Lithium batteries have always been suggested in electronic devices because they last longer. The only challenge is that they had a tendency to blow up if not destroyed properly. Also, if you recall, there were several lithium batteries recalled last year by Apple because of their potential to blow up.

Since that was an issue a new material has been created that has the potential to stop these batteries from exploding. The implication is that if they can stop them from exploding they could be used in the future for electric cars. This would replace the nickel metal hydride batteries that are use in hybrids. This might be the way to get more options on the road. Right now a new polymer material is being tested in Japan on a separator that will allow the battery to cool off instead of exploding. This will be a great way to improve this type of battery to encourage its use.

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